MockWall Systems LLC  Mason City, IA  

MockWall Systems is an efficient and reusable method for building full-size, 3-D space models in the pre-schematic phase of design. A Lean design event that creates a mocked-up space allows your staff to participate in the design experience and to simulate activities within that space before commitment to final design and construction. A successful design event leads to an improved final project and cost savings by minimizing post-construction rework.

Our patent-pending system combines metal connectors with lightweight, cardboard panels to build detailed spaces in minutes, without special tools or carpentry skills. With MockWall Systems, changes are quick and easy, meaning your teams spend more time on planning and simulations, and less time building.

Your MockWall Systems Kit

Each MockWall Systems kit includes a wheeled storage box that contains 120 metal pieces:  50 blue channels, 40 green connectors, 10 red hinges, 10 orange wall cleats, and 10 yellow fasteners.  The kit also includes a supply of twist nails, a zippered nail storage pouch, a clip-on nail pouch, a safety utility knife with replacement blades and a laminated quick-guide to using your kit.
"Building Better Mockups"